City At Sea – Plans For The World’s Largest Ship – Freedom

Sun, Mar 22, 2009

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Nearly a mile long and 25 stories high, “” will be the vessel to ever sail the seven seas. Freedom will dwarf the Queen Elizabeth II and become a permanent home for 50,000 people. “Walk in a straight line for about 12 minutes,” “If you don’t dawdle, you’ll cover slightly less than a mile. Now, make a right turn and walk beyond the length of two football fields. Duplicate these lines to make a rectangle, then look up to the height of a 25-story building. This is what Freedom will be.

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

“Freedom will be large enough to bring on more than 50,000 residents, 15,000 employees, 20,000 day guests and still have four times as much roaming-around square footage per person as the most modern cruise liners,” Nixon says during POPULAR MECHANICS’ visit to see how his ambitious plan is progressing. Taller than the highest buildings in most American cities and topped with a runway that can handle jets, Freedom may someday be the globe-trotting address for 17,000 homes and 4000 businesses.

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

Its dimensions are so colossal that it will have to be assembled at sea. Once it’s built, Freedom will circle the earth every two years, following the balmy breezes as it approaches the world’s major ports. The wealthiest of her “citizens” will leave their 15-ft. by 80-ft. ocean-view apartments and board their private jets or yachts for jaunts to shore. Meanwhile, the 15,000 people who work aboard the ship will gear up for the next on-rush of day visitors anxious to shop at its duty-free stores and guests checking in to vacation in its hotels and time-share condominiums.

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

City At Sea - Plans For The Worlds Largest Ship

Once under way, life aboard Freedom will be more like living in a bustling city than being on a vacation cruise. Because of its size, the ship will have its own railway system. Courtyards set about its decks will create interior park and recreation areas. Nixon has calculated that the resident population can support its own local economy, which means that residents will, in many cases, also be operating businesses at sea, in malls throughout the length of the ship.

As might be expected, this plan for a ship capable of carrying as many as 115,000 people  The reason is not simply a matter of Freedom’s proposed 4320-ft. length, which is nearly five times that of the currently largest cruise ship, Carnival Cruise Line’s 900-ft. Destiny, but the enormity of its mass. When naval architects compare ships, they speak in terms of tonnage rather than length. The Destiny displaces 100,000 tons of water. The largest vessel afloat, the supertanker Jahre Viking, displaces 564,739 tons. Freedom will displace 2.7 million tons.

Nixon says that while there are many factors that determine a beam’s maximum length, a steel beam can reasonably be expected to span a distance 15 times its height. “A ship with an effective depth of 80 ft. of hull [measured from keel to main deck] can theoretically span a maximum of 1200 ft.,” Nixon says. “On Freedom, the effective beam runs 350 ft., from the bottom of the ship to the aircraft runway.” The result is a 4320-ft.-long floating beam that draws 37 ft. of water as it rides atop waves, rather than plowing through them.

“We’re not doing anything new,” Nixon says. “We’ve taken technologies used in one area and applied them here.” Indeed, Nixon says that during World War II the Navy used floating docks longer than Freedom. More recently, Kvaerner, the Norwegian ship and oil platform builder, proposed that the U.S. Department of Defense build a 5249-ft. floating airfield capable of supporting 10,000 troops. Called SeaBase , it would use Kvaerner’s patented linking system to join three giant semi-submersible drilling rigs into a landing field.

Freedom promises to be as different from today’s oceangoing vessels as the Queen Elizabeth II is from the Mayflower. Starting with the keel, Freedom doesn’t have one. This backbone is missing because Freedom is constructed of 520 airtight steel cells. Each will measure 80 ft. tall. Depending upon its location, each will be 50 to 100 ft. wide and 50 to 120 ft. long. Assembled ashore on rails, they will be bolted together to form base units, each about 300 by 400 ft. These will then be floated out to sea and joined to form the completed base.

About 10 months after the start of construction on the first airtight cell, three base units will have been assembled at sea. At this point, the tempo of construction will increase. Meanwhile, on shore, four assembly lines will be dedicated to building airtight cells. At sea, work will begin on the 25-story superstructure. By the 17-month mark, the last base unit will be bolted in place and the 25th level completed.

Two years after the start of construction, 4000 of Freedom’s planned 21,000 units will be ready for Well, not exactly. Freedom won’t have the sort of boilers you find on traditional ships. She will be propelled by 3700-hp motorized units protruding through 100 of her watertight cells. About half of these will be shrouded propeller units. The balance will rotate 360 degrees, like those used on tugboats. At about $1 million each, these are among the world’s most expensive marine power plants. Using GPS, Freedom’s captain could simply sketch the ship’s route on a touch-screen and the $6 billion ship would find its own way.

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  1. ian weaver Says:

    tht creation is really good
    i wouldnt mind building it

  2. ian weaver Says:

    but it will be a hard to turn

  3. daniel price Says:

    could be a wonder of the world and also could be very hard to turn this ship but should bulid it it would be very cool

  4. Fate Says:


  5. surya Says:

    what if it capsizes?

  6. liam stephenson Says:

    lookingat the geomatry and the physics of the essel such a monstrosoty can not be possible it would simly capsze due o the amount of weight and the way it is built aso there is yet no power to be able to move a shp this size as of yetand well for turing such a ship it would take upto perhaps at least 34 hours for a full 360 degrees turn

  7. Bryan Says:

    i want to live on freedom ship when im older and when it is actually in existance!!! I wonder how much space there will be for private yachts and planes and stuff. not to good a place to live for people who love driving.unless you own a private boat and have a car on it you can take ashor when the city has stopped.

  8. Babajohn Says:

    Nothing any comments ,Bcoz its God gifted human never stop…. so we can see bigger then this in heaven. Bcoz now we r in hell…

  9. EDEH. S. Says:

    I hope to see something bigger in future,because water ocupies about 70% of the earth surface.

    We’ll get there.

  10. EDEH Says:

    I hope to see someting bigger in future, because water occupies about 70% of the earth surface.

  11. philip Says:

    so nice

  12. stevo the architect Says:

    FREEDOM will go ahead.. this is the future people, get used to a whole lot more of it.. the airport system on board allows the ship too cruise at whatever speed neccesary.. and turning wont be a problem, its just a very slow process.. it even looks unreal, and i think they have done a great job with the design.. too be apart of the team designing and planning this collossal ship would be an absolute honour.. if anyone knows whos in charge, can you please let me know..!!!

  13. Jason Says:

    What about the obvious terroristic attacks and such? You’d have to have a massive security element to protect that thing, inside and out. And like a couple of you mentioned, what about manuevering and certain weather-related occurrences? Just some important things to think about. Also, look at what they said about the Titanic, “God himself couldn’t sink this ship.” And then look what happened. No way I’d be getting on that thing. Thats just my own thoughts and opinions though. :D

  14. Winston Romanoff Says:

    Quit dicking around! We have the technology to build a space ship or a hovering city run on solar panels but the us government is spending all it’s money on tanks and machines to destroy rather than to create something cool!

  15. Ann Says:

    Great! Another playground for the super-rich. Perfect timing right in the middle of a world wide economic crisis. They’ll need a ship that big to hide in when we all revolt.

  16. What Says:

    You people are retarded…

  17. Lorne Says:

    I don’t understand the practical use for this ship… Why? lol

  18. BMGO Says:

    OMG!!!! This is extremely great.I don’t care if this would be possible or impossible…for me this can be possible.

    Oh, how I wish I could see and ride on that ship…

  19. Red Eye Says:

    This design looks great, but what if their is a huge wave, won’t something this largee buckle up or something and what kind of engine can push something of this size? thats something to thinnk about before you start drawing awsy.

  20. Rick Says:

    Where are the lifeboats?

  21. deus ex machina Says:

    Sorry folks. Not possible. Although from a purely mechanical perspective, yes, this size of ship could be built, one is not taking into consideration the logistics of such a design. even something as routine as drinking water becomes an issue. Providing water for over 20 000 people daily would require extensive desalinization plants, larger than what this ship could provide. then there is the problem of food, consumable products, electrical power usage, policing, fire fighting, medical, education, sanitation, etc – the list is nearly endless. Additionally, anyone who works in the aviation industry will tell you, landing an airplane on the deck of a moving ship, even one as large as this one, is one of the most difficult manoeuvers in flying. The rather idilic image possed here is an impossibility. I could continue, but will digress. Keep dreaming.

  22. sun Says:

    not only is this a giant waste of resources considering there is still pleanty of land, why not develop some islands and my biggest fear is that it becomes a giant floating terrorist attack!

  23. bj Says:

    wow this would be absolutly outstanding to be on an island and watch this thing go by.i would stand out there for an hour .i would hope to live on something like this but the only thing is in either space or on an ocean planet where there isn’t much waves…but very impressive!!!

  24. jim cullen Says:

    unfortunatly, like the Twin Towers it could become a target on the hi-seas around the world

  25. Asgar Says:

    its a beautiful creation….

  26. Captain Jack Says:

    Yes this ship is plausible.

    Hard to turn? No, the ship is to have Z-drives (360º rotation) which you find on tugboats. This ship will even be able to go sideways. It will be able to turn on a dime. Most cruise ships can maneuver without the assistants of tugs for they also have z-drives. I would take a wild ass guess that it would only take 30 minutes to make a full 360 degree turn. Sounds like a long time but who’s in a hurry?

    About storms, I know of people who took their time at sailing around the world and only seen one storm. This is the reason it will take the ship 2 years to circumnavigate the planet for they will have to time the season for storm-less sailings.

    Titanic? Hey this is the 21st century. We have learned much since then. Now days we have ships way bigger than the Titanic that have been sailing for years and never sank.

    Engines size? We have built engines larger than this ship will use. For example I know of a ship engine piston large enough to fit a Ford Focus in side the piston cylinder with room to spare. Freedom is going to use many engines to power her. This is smarter approach for if one of you engines breaks down, you have another 99 of them for back up. Also you can upgrade the motors as technology improves.

    Drinking water? That is very easy to make. My friend has a 32 foot sailboat with a reverse osmosis water maker. The water on his boat is far better than what you city dweller drink. Food and other needs can be trans ported by jet and supply ships. The US Navy has a few supply ships that can replenish a vessel while is underway and making way.

    Jets landing on a ship? Yes, and it will be much easier than a Navy aircraft carrier. Why? Well this thing is 5 times longer and will not be effected as much from waves because of the ships displacement tonnage. Also computers will be making the landings like they presently do at your major airports.

    Energy generation? I hear they can make roads into solar collectors. They can do the same thing with the runway. Also they can install cylinder shaped wind generators around the outside of the ship. In fact, I think they might be able to power the whole ship with wind/solar. Remember, they can install super energy efficient appliances making this very plausible.

    Something else to consider about this vessel. It will be in international waters. The rules change. Think of it as your own country. Get it? :-)

    I truly think this can be built and would be useful vessel. In fact I think after this one is built, we would see many more constructed. Just remember that 71% of the earth is covered with water. We are not even using one hundredths of that space.

    Captain Jack
    Licensed by the USCG

  27. Trevor Says:

    Hmm…that’s pretty cool. A floating city…I wouldn’t mind living there.

  28. austin Says:

    i love the ship. but where are the lifeboats.and incase the ship sinks you dont need glass everywhere.

  29. MIRV Says:

    “Freedom’s captain could simply sketch the ship’s route on a touch-screen and the $6 billion ship would find its own way”

    It’s scary to imagine what a hacker could do then.

    Anyone seen the movie “Speed 2: Cruise Control”?

    Also, where does the waste from 50,000 people end up? This wouldn’t just include sewerage, but also household garbage, recyclables and green waste. The amount of garbage would be massive (think of how much a land-based city of 50,000 might generate). Food and other consumables would also be in constant demand, so does Freedom have a port to cater for all the supply ships that will need to dock with her for all this transfer of goods and waste?

    I think the majority of a ship carrying that many people should be built underwater. Not only would it be more naturally stable (and self-boyant), but it would be awesome to have a room with windows to the undersea world! Only problem is you would want flood insurance in case she sprung a leak. You also couldn’t go too close to sure because the draught would be high.

    Maybe “Freedom 2″ (who thought up such a corny name like “Freedom” anyway?) could have a sort of diamond shap cross-section, with the bottom half of the diamond being in the water and the top half being built up like a skyscraper out of water. That way the bottom half could balance the top half, and those that like the highlife will be happy as well as those with their coveted undersea lifestyle.


  30. Tigran Says:

    Hey mabye thell make a movie about this one.Haha but seriously lets say 250 yrs from now thell make a 14 mile long orbital spacecraft .

  31. Supermaniable Says:

    it would take up to 34 hours for a full 360 degrees turn

  32. matthew Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all my life,iv NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER seen a freaking HUGE CITY SHIP that massive before in my freaking life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But,as a lot of you have bin wondering,what if she capsizes,what if she hits a iceberg and goes down,hey! TITANIC got the same dilema. oh!and donot get me started on britannic and lusatania!!!!! They were torpidoded by those stupid terrorests!!!And WERE ARE THE LIFE BOATS!!!!!!!!!OH and i just forgot, its going to be hard or extreamely hard!for those jets to land on a giant,masseeve,huge moving runway. and i do understand we people have the technoligy to do such thing.but look!!!!this is planet earth.nothing will happen to us people. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK 2012 IS THE END OF THE are so stupid morons. nothing will hapen!!!!!!!!!so,as a 10 year old boy would allready say ,like me. CASE CLOSED BABE!!!!!!!!!

  33. matthew Says:

    HI GUYS!!!!!Im 10 yrs old and my name is matthew!! now before i get started,i want to tell you about my life. im a city boy who lives in the bussiling burogh of manhattan,new york city,THE BIG family is rich enogh to buy first class on any as all of you new yorkers know,new york is all about rock and roll from trains to planes. my school is p.s.50 in harlem.and i live in harlem.p.s 50 is a good school. my old one was amber charter school on 106 street.NOW PEOPLE!!!!!!lisen up.amber charter scool is the worst school in history!!!!!!! why, the princable is a dumby,the teachers are mean and stupid,their no summer vacations,and most of all,you get so much homework that you cant finish it in one night!!!! and then you get detention.WHAT A RIP-OFF RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!so dont go to that school ok!!! anyways, now the sestion! thats a very nice city ship.i guess its gana need a good 99 or 100 propellers to move a ship that big lol!!! but hears som akvice,you need to add more safty inprovements then more lugzzury man! but still good for traviling oh!!!! i just forgot,if you want traviling tikets,or want to learn how traval, then viset my unklies web site, BENNYS he toled me to spread the news and i cant do it you guys have to help me now. SO TURN OF YOUR COMPUTER,GET DRESSED,GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!!!!GET INTO THE STREET AND YELL OUT THE WORD before i go to your houses and i whip some old bootys. so do it. and it takes 600 licks to get to the center of a blow pop lolypop ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. matthew Says:

    what a ship. NO AFENSE BUT NEEDS SAFTEY.

  35. 118 Says:

    this ship will not go into any port

  36. fisherman199 Says:

    i think its brilliant the other comments asy it cant be powerd but nuclear power could run it and the best thing is that it means good sea fishing with the use of a city i can see me catching a barracuda off the back of that thing

  37. salman Says:

    fantastic ship ever seen

  38. Robe Says:

    This vessel simply won´t move. It could be constructed, but tied to a dock. Is not only the amount of energy needed to move this Leviathan, but also is a matter of lack of technology and enginery to construct the turbines and the energy supplier too. In the other hand, why should we construct this monster in the sea, while there are big spaces all around the world to set it up? What if a Tsunami goes trought it? 6 Billion dollars vanished.

    As idea is fine, as product, useless.

  39. sayboard Says:

    O MY GOD

  40. Vinny Says:

    Ive been on the Oasis currently the largest I mean when we were leaving the ports of call in the Caribbean the people in the flats were waving up at us ..but this ship is an accident waiting to happen ,its only going one way and thats down down down , too much free time , too much money waisted on a ship that will never ever withstand climatic water chnages . weather patterns etc

  41. Andy Says:

    It would break in the middle. No doubt on that.

  42. Sandbar Says:

    Can you say Titanic?

    Or … tsunami?

    “50,000 dead”

    The boat will have to take into account the curvature of the earth. With a length that long, it will have to have some “flexibility” built into it.

    It’s a disaster on paper … could you imagine if they actually built it?

  43. Liam Says:

    If you read the spec, most of the probloems you’re all banging on about are dealt with. A boat that big isn’t gonna have to worry too much about the curvature of the earth. It’s not twenty miles long! Plus it’s riding on top of waves, not down a drag strip. Turning would take time, obviously. But the 360 rotating props on the bottom will help achieve this in the quickest possible time with a boat that size. Why would it snap in two if it’s supported by hundreds of air tanks along its full length? Capsizing is always gonna be a possible problem, but it would have to be one monstrous wave incurring the wrath of God himself to turn something that size. Still, it’s possible. And so are terrorist attacks. Not a chance in Hell would I wanna be on that thing if a bomb goes off. Let alone multiple explosions! It’s also all a bit 2012 isn’t it? The conspiracy theorists might say it’s a perfect bolt hole for the worlds elite should anything untoward ever happen. Like global flooding or maybe, for the serious conspiracy enthusiast, the land has been poisoned by chemicals and warfare with millions of civilians being executed around the globe in the proccess as the New World Order takes hold. Check out F.E.M.A Camps on you tube. A big boat with all the trimmings of the millionaires lifestyle and able to sustain itself for a considerable time would be just the kind of thing a government with a plan would come up with…

  44. Keith Says:

    My wife and I are thinking about heading for a Carnival Cruise vacation to Progresso, Mexico, plus Cozumel. It is a five Day get-away coming out of out of Mobile. Anyone have any exposure to this particular vacation cruise? We find it difficult to find out many details with reference to Progresso

  45. Caleb Says:

    Imagine the cost to fill that thing up with fuel. Maybe like $30,000,000

  46. William Moka Says:

    This is just not possible, it would be very extremly hard to turn!! and what if the ship cap sizes? so many peoples lives will be lost!!

  47. joshua Says:

    The Freedom Ship wold not need to turn it’s propelers would turn in a 360 .

  48. justoffsailing Says:

    I hear a lot of guys saying the freedom ‘not possible’, and im sorry to disappoint you lot, but humans often have demonstrated the ability to do the impossible, often rather easily. Take the apollo missions, done on less processor power than the laptop im typing on now.

    From my standpoint the Freedom is mechanically possible from all angles, water makers on small yacht exisit for sure, but we are forgetting a few cities in the US get 60-70% of their drinking water from the sea, water of only 20,000 is easy and the plant size isn’t that big. Some people have taked about the runway, fog closes Gatwick all the time, so what if the airport closes in storms, the fact remains the for a large amount of the time, it would be open.

    A few people take about turning the beast, its true to say it turn capability is limited. Thruster be they Z drive or conventional thruster could both steer and stabily the vessel. But come on, this baby won’t be mooring to every day. Poeple would come and go from the runway, and therefore turn at sea, possible using the main engines and rudder would work fine.

    People need to dream, because if no one did we would never do a heap of cool stuff.

    ps to the future designer of the freedom, adding bioshere technology might allow the ship to grow is own food, just a thought

  49. Jacob Says:

    can anyone say Waterworld? i don’t care whether it gets built or not. it doesn’t matter as it’s not in existence yet. Just leave it alone and if it comes, it comes, if not then oh well.

  50. nothingisimpossible Says:

    what if they went on a wrong destination??? and straight up to bermuda triangle.. thousands of life will be lost..

  51. ST3PH3NSON Says:

    Somali Pirates would have this as their priority 1 target. Waste of materials when we could be building non penetratable bunkers and water tight containers with oxygen recycling facilities. Keep people safe, dont make them a target for terrorism and Jaws when it sinks. I personally cannot see this invention supporting itself in many departments.

  52. MILON Says:

    As a world biggest ship it have more facilities as people wants. Its so nice , I like it.Everyone should journey by the ship.If i would be a proud purchaser /passenger a residence then i ………………

  53. MILON Says:

    As a world biggest ship it have more facilities as people wants. Its so nice , I like it…………………If i would be a proud purchaser /passenger a residence then i ………………

  54. Ashley Says:

    this is crazy what are they thinken i dont no what to say it wold take 4 ever

  55. Kyle Says:


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